Try this twist on the classic margarita. The Mezcal (can be bought at your local liquor store) adds a really nice smokiness. Below is my favourite recipe, but if you like yours with more or less citrus or sugar feel free to adapt to your tastebuds. Gotta drink what you like!

Classic Mezcalita

2 oz. (about 4 tablespoons) fresh lime juice

1.5 oz (about 3 tablespoons or 2 shot glasses) Mezcal

¾ oz. (1.5 tablespoons or 1 shot glass) Cointreau

¼ oz. (1/2 tablespoon) light agave or simple syrup

Combine lime juice, Mezcal, Cointreau, and agave syrup (or simple syrup if you prefer to make it) in a chilled cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Then pour over ice. You can adjust the amount of sweetness by increasing or decreasing the agave/simple syrup.

This recipe is also perfect for a classic margarita. Simply change out the Mezcal for your favourite tequila.

Hibiscus Mezcalita

1 hibiscus tea bag or 1 tsp. dried hibiscus flowers

4 oz. hot water

Classic Mezcalita recipe above

Steep 1 hibiscus tea bag or 1 tsp. dried hibiscus flowers with 4 oz. hot water for 10 minutes. Discard tea bag and cool tea. Gently spoon 1-2 tablespoons over your classic Mezcalita. This will form a red layer on top. Adjust the taste and amount of red by increasing or decreasing the amount of hibiscus tea.

To Make Simple Syrup:

Combine equal parts water and sugar and boil. Take off heat and cool. For example, to make ½ cup of simple syrup, combine ½ cup water with ½ cup sugar and bring to a boil. Done.

Classic Mezcalita
Classic Mezcalita

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  1. V. Tugberk
    June 5, 2015 at 4:46 pm (3 years ago)

    Mmm-m-m-m! Hibiscus mezcalita! Would not have thought of that. Thanks for another great idea.


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