These DIY Halloween wine vases are frighteningly good holiday home decor. Interested in making these super fun Halloween bottles to add to your holiday décor? Follow these 6 simple steps from guest blogger Kim Casey and you’ll bewitch your guests with your craftiness in no time!

Halloween Wine Vase
DIY Halloween Wine Vases

Step 1 (The best part): Choose three bottles and drink all the wine! I chose a green bottle for the pumpkin, the darkest bottle I could find for the Frankenstein and a blue bottle for the ghost.

Step 2: Wash the bottles in warm water and scrub all of the labels off.

Step 3: Make sure they are completely dry before painting.

Step 4: Spray paint! (Note – I found it easiest to put the wine bottle on one of my fingers and spray the bottle with my other hand.) Paint the pumpkin orange and make sure you leave a portion of the top green for the stem. Let dry. Paint the ghost white. Let dry. The Frankenstein is a bit trickier. I used painters tape in a zig zag fashion at the top of the bottle to represent his hair. Then use your green spray paint to spray below the tape. Let dry. After everything is dry, you may need to repeat. I used two coats of spray paint for mine.

Step 5: Grab a Sharpie. Once your bottles are completely dry from your spray paint – you can draw on each of the faces as shown in the picture. Outline and fill everything in with the sharpie. Let dry. (Note – I used a sharpie before using my acrylic paints because I found that the paint adhered to the bottle better).

Step 6: Break out the acrylics! You will need acrylic craft paint (found at any hobby or art store) in the following colors: black, white and red. For the pumpkin, go over the eyes, nose and mouth in black paint. For the Frankenstein, paint the eyes white and the mouth red. Once your white eyes have dried, use your black for the pupils. For the ghost, use black for the eyes and mouth. You may have to use two coats – use your best judgment.

Thinking more pumpkin patch halloween than spooky? Here is a take on candy corn themed wine vases.


decorative-wine-fall-vase-2And there you have it! Super easy and super fun!

Love the bottles, but just don’t have the time?? You are not alone! Just  send an email to to inquire more about purchasing.

Happy crafting!

Kim Casey is a creative, energetic mother of 2 lovely daughters. She lives in the greater Atlanta area with her family. She is always creating something for the home (from wine bottle vases to children’s graphics to decorative outdoor signs). A really DIY lady. Click here for her children’s graphics sold on Etsy.


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