Hello Mommelier Readers! It’s been a little longer than I usually like to touch base with you. It’s been a busy summer chasing after Spaghetti & Meatball. They are now 4 & 5 years old and this summer we had such fun doing retro activities I grew up with like running through sprinklers, going on day trips to the Jersey shore, and even having fun at Chuck E Cheese. Mommy land has been busy, but the best part of the summer was becoming an Auntie to my new little nephew. I had the chance to meet the handsome little fellow in Dallas, TX last weekend and also enjoy a taste of the town. Dallas has great food & drinks musts! #dallasfood&drinks

Dallas turns out to be pretty awesome! If you live in Dallas or if you are going there soon, try out these great places.

Drinks at The Mansion Bar at the Rosewood Hotel. Gorgeous and swanky! They make a mean martini. My Hendricks dirty gin martini was sublime.

Drink List at the Mansion Bar
Drink List at the Mansion Bar

This town is filled with artisanal makers of everything from high end chocolate at Kate Weiser Chocolate (delicious and attractive), mile high cakes at Cake Bar, and delicious beer at Four Corners Brewing Co. The city is filled with so much talent & color. Check out these pictures:

img_1948 img_1947 img_1946 img_1945

Getting hungry for lunch or dinner? Take a healthy lunch at True Foods Kitchen. Get a little edgier and hip with dinner at Bolsa. The American fare goes well with their great drink list and a varied wine list. Their Mezcal-based cocktails were amazing.img_1970 img_1972

The weekend in Dallas went by too quickly and the expression short but sweet sums it up well. If you go, visit the places I mentioned!

My sister and I at Bolsa!img_1986

Swirl, sip, sigh.

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  1. Vuka Tugberk
    September 20, 2016 at 3:31 pm (1 year ago)

    What a colorful city with so much to offer! Can’t wait to try The Mansion Bar. I missed that one the last time I visited Dallas. Thanks, as always, for your great recommendations. When one visits a new city and is short on time, it’s nice to have a list of vetted destinations from a reliable source like yours!


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