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What’s Your Chardonnay & How to Find it at the Grocery Store

We’ve all been there…in the grocery wine aisle rubbing our head wondering which bottle of Chardonnay to buy. Is it the one with the awesome graphics? The one with the pretty cursive writing….fancy means quality, right??? Don’t worry, I got your back and will make sure you walk away with the right Chardonnay for YOU. […] Read more…

Anthony Road Wines and the Finger Lakes

Living 15 minutes from NYC has its advantages. A few Saturdays ago, the kids and I did something we haven’t chanced yet. We drove to the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC. For me, like many other people, this is the ultimate farmers market in the area and pretty much anywhere. Read more…

Bubbly For Your Mood, Occasion & Budget

Valentine’s is here and many of you are probably headed to the wine aisle in search of some lovely bubbly! There is so much to say about Champagne & Sparkling Wine so instead of crowding your mind right before a holiday, I thought it better to help you pick a good Champagne Read more…

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