It’s Advent time of year again! Each year we do an advent calendar. This is a tradition I picked up from my husband’s family and did not grow up with, but have LOVED doing it for my children. I finished this year’s Advent calendar and put it in our wooden calendar music for the kids. Thankfully because they have become trained and knew today was December 1st.

You think your kids don’t pick up on traditions, but this Advent calendar reaffirms that THEY DO! I just hope I can get them to do this tradition…oh…for 20 years more. I am loving this stage with them.

Here is this year’s (2017) Amore Family Advent Calendar and below is a link to last year’s. The document is able to be edited so you can personalize. Happy Holidays!

Mom-Printable-Christmas-Advent-Calendar 2017

This link to last year’s advent calendar has links to the activities I did daily, too.


Happy Holidays 2017!

Swirl, sip, sigh


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